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Miu Wander-CD / Miu touring  cd
  • Miu Wander-CD / Miu touring  cd
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Miu Wander-CD / Miu touring cd

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5,00 €

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Minimumpreis 5,-€ für Porto&Verpackung. Mehr natürlich erlaubt :-)

Please read this description CAREFULLY: The touring cd is a deal between you and me. Since covid I can't go on tour anymore and we sell less cds & vinyls. Sure, this is financial pain but what hurts more are all the lost "new friends" we usually make on a concerts.

Every sold cd is so important to build relationships between me and new fans. Every sold cd means someone really listens to our music, maybe watches all my music videos, likes me on social media or put my songs into they playlists So I thought: if I can’t go on tour in person I will send my music all around the world on its own. And you can be part of that movement

How this is gonna work? This cd is a gift to a person you think might like me music. After listening to the cd they'll pass it on to the next person they think might like miu. and so on and so on

best would be: this cd will tour the whole world, to your neighbor, to your friend who lives in argentina…there are endless possibilietes.

This cd comes with a branded package and a small info card (german& english) with an URL to an exclusive website with a welcome video and further content. Please note that international postage is more than 5€, please be so kind to add some budget

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Modern Vinyl: Vinyl
  • Modern Vinyl: Vinyl
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20,00 €

1 Take the money and run 2 Up & down (cozy place in the middle) 3 Holy grail 4 Movnig out 5 Heist music 6 So much more 7 Speechless 8 Groundhog day 9 Follow you 10 Gimme a break 11 Sweet nothing 12 I took the money and ran

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