It’s like you’re reading a movie script: A young lady from Hamburg/Germany working in advertising quits her job, travels to New York City and plays at the „The Bitter End“ - one of the most famous live clubs in the world and important stations for her idols such as Donny Hathaway or Stevie Wonder - and starts her music career. This year Miu releases a double(!) LP „Modern Retro Soul“: Her vision of soul which isn’t only real and honest but will also reach hearts with touching stories and skilled songwriting. After her journey to New York Miu starts all over and goes for broke: She’s looking for musicians, practices guitar, piano & ukulele like crazy. She plays concerts in whole Germany and Europe, is the first pop act playing at Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie and thrills soulfans as much as jazz fans at international Elbjazz or Jazz Baltica Festivals. Miu’s sound is international and her voice will take you back in time to the Motown era. The famous German newspaper „Hamburger Abendblatt“ summed it up: Miu has Donny Hathaway’s soul, Audrey Hepburn’s charms, but also Amy Winehouse ’s abyssal and Adele ’s strength. 
 Modern Retro Soul is not just an album. It’s a statement. While Miu is singing „I’m working so hard to make it look easy“ in her charming ways, she makes a major leap forwards with her new album „Modern Retro Soul“. For her next chapter in the movie script.